A1BabyCare E005

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A 2 year manufacturer warranty is provided, plus you have the assurance of 30 days change of mind refund (subject to conditions).

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Why is A1BabyCare E005 safer for babies and children?

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Safety for your child

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Australia and New Zealand

A1BabyCare E005 pram / baby carriage / stroller complies with:


A1BabyCare E005 pram / baby carriage / stroller complies with:

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International Patents Applied For

ebay advertised that they sold prams similar to an A1BabyCare pram. This claim is false. A number of prams sold on ebay have been tested, and it was proved that they were falsely advertised and unsafe.
Beware of other products that are falsely advertised or unsafe. A European report tested 51 prams and strollers, and found that only 3 of the samples tested complied with their safety standards. The other 48 prams and strollers were found to be unsafe.

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